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– Mission –

To give reliable information about traveling with kids.

– About –

Hello and welcome to my travel blog! I created this blog to document those fun moments of traveling with my family, but also to share tips and tricks that I’ve learned personally or from friends to make excursions with our son more manageable. I have always wanted that single source of truth for parents, guardians and families on what to do on short day trips to globetrotting adventures. Travel is a passion of mine (well my family’s) and just because we have a son, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy trips, short or long. Things are a little different when we travel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wander the earth looking to live new cultures and become a little more empathetic in an ever shrinking world. It’s important to us to give our son experiences that expand his way of thinking and hopefully help him see an deal with challenges with a little more compassion.

As a new(er) parent, I want to share what’s worked and what hasn’t so others can learn from these experiences and hopefully find confidence in themselves to get out and experience life. In just one year we took our son to Finland and Italy and domestically we drove from Dallas, Texas to Seattle, Washington in an RV. In year two, we expanded to Italy again, Prague, Germany and Mexico, but this doesn’t include the weekend excursions to Portland, Oregon and cross country visits to parents in Georgia. By the first two years of his life, Charlie has visited 5 countries and the list is growing this year, too!

I’d also love to hear from you! What questions do you have? Are there challenges you’ve faced? Is there anything you are looking for to make travel easier? We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us.





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