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Graze Snack Box

One of my favorite things about being a mom is when we find new things to explore together with our kiddo. I heard about Graze from a friend a while back and have always wanted to try it; I just never did. Because of our busy life, it sounded nice to have something easy to throw in the diaper bag or to just try new things. In all honesty, it was another blogger that spiked my interest again. I think it was Making Sense of Cents, but when I went back to find the post, I couldn’t locate it.

It was never my intention to write a whole post about this snack box, but it was one of the most fun ways to spend the day after school and work with my son. After getting home, I saw the Graze sample box on the kitchen island. I asked Charlie if he wanted to try something new and he was very excited to participate. We grabbed the box and dug in!


The Graze snack box was a huge success! We started out with their sample/starter kit, which included 4 samples vs. the subscriptions 8 snacks. But the first sample is FREE!!! No obligation and you can skip or cancel at any time. I even liked that you can notify Graze when you’re away on vacation. To top it off, they gave me a coupon for another free Graze snack box.  The best part was opening it with my 2-year old. “Open Mama, open!” “Peeessseee!” Then allowing him to pick the snack he wanted to try first, which was a sweet mustard ranch nut and cracker mix. Holding my breath to see if he liked it, Charlie gobbled it up asking to open the next of the four snacks. These were my favorite. They were honeycomb flapjacks, which was a kind of granola bar, but tasting more like granny’s homemade version. My kiddo shoveled these into his mouth. In this box, there really was only one snack that wasn’t my favorite, but Charlie seemed to like it just fine.

Scraping the packaging clean with his finger.


The process is really quite simple. Like most subscriptions that I’ve signed up for, you are required to go through a series of questions for Graze to get a sense of your tastes, what you like and don’t like and/or if there are any food allergies. As we have been blessed to not have any allergies, the only real items I had removed were the spicy ones. I am a pansy and just can’t handle anything even remotely spicy.

If there was one thing I think Graze could improve on, it would be seeking feedback on whether or not I liked the snacks they picked. I was able to go on my own and update whether or not I liked the items, but nothing really intuitive like StitchFix or Trunk Club for example. It makes me wonder if Graze will continue to get smarter and learn what I like more over time. That said, I don’t see this as a detriment to the subscription. The point is to find new things to try!

Last but not least, if you find something you love and you want more. I.e. the honeycomb flapjacks I mention above, you can go to their store and buy more of the specific snacks you liked best. These will run you about $9 for 6 bars.


Overall, the pricing seems reasonable, especially knowing you can push out your next subscription order. The cost is $13.99.


I will keep the Graze subscription! I moved it to every other week, but we’ll see if I make any changes to that. With how easy the packing is, it just seems like such a great idea to stockpile a few of them and use them throughout the week. Charlie was so thrilled with the novelty of it all, that I see these being a great way to keep him entertained with his snacks. I find it so hard to keep him interested in what we have at home. I.e. I buy 10 pouches, but then he doesn’t finish them or he gets bored with them. With Graze, there will always be something new and fun for him to try. Slip them into the diaper bag; done. Easy packing! Especially on flights! As you can see from the below picture, it was a huge success. The fourth and final snack was finished just shortly after this photo.

Happy Snacking!



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