Does Planning Your Perfect Trip Stress You Out?

Use our bundle to Make Trip Planning Easier

  • Itinerary templates to help you plan your trip, while keeping your baby on schedule. 
  • Budget calculator to keep your trip affordable.
  • Helpful pocket reference in case of emergencies.
  • Comprehensive packing list so you never forget anything again!
  • Useful resources to help you get inspiration and book your trip.

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These digital downloads are so helpful and great, from finding resources to help plan a trip, to building out the trip budget and itinerary. I especially love the list of what to pack for the little one while you are traveling.

Rose O.
Mom of two

Wow! These are so helpful! I will definitely be using the packing list for my upcoming trips. There are things on there that I almost always forget, and having not traveled with baby much yet, I want to get it right!

The budget and the itinerary planner are amazing! When you have a kid, suddenly timing is everything so being able to know what you're doing, how long it will take to get there and everything makes the day so much less stressful. No longer a meltdown waiting to happen :)

This is all wonderful! I love what you are doing. Travel is a big thing for me and not something I want to sacrifice now that I'm a mama. But bringing baby is also a non-negotiable, so I'm all about thinking of traveling in a way that's fun for me but also doable with baby. You guys are blazing a trail there :)

Jenna B.
Mom of one