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Seattle Area Pumpkin Patch Fun

Seattle Area Pumpkin Patch Fun

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Seattle in the fall is typically wet, rainy and cold. But this year we’re having somewhat of an Indian summer. It’s been beautiful with the warm fall colors of yellow, orange and red as the trees transition into the upcoming winter. With this beautiful weather, our son has had a couple of opportunities to enjoy the local fall harvest festivals. Today we made our way to Spooner Farms.

Fun Activities at the Pumpkin Patch

Spooner Farms has so much to offer. During the summer, the farm boasts fresh berries, but during their fall festival, families can enjoy everything a great pumpkin patch has to offer. From the pumpkin patch itself, to a corn maze and even slinging pumpkins for your chance to win an extra large pumpkin.

Playground Fun

One of Charlie’s favorite activities, was running around in the playground. Going to Spooner Farms is free, generally speaking, but visiting some of the activities like the playground will cost you a little. For $2, you can get an ‘all-day’ pass to the playground, where kiddos can run around, climb and play. The farm has created little work stations throughout, where little ones can make music, sift through sand, slide and crawl through a tire tunnel. Charlie loved the play house which included some fun kitchen toys. Other kids were climbing on the giant spider web, while others were acting out a skit on the homemade stage.

Play house in the playground.
Pumpkin Patch

Adjacent to the playground, families can search for the perfect pumpkin. The pumpkin patch is littered with beautiful orange and white pumpkins, but staged throughout are these fantastic hay bale spiders. While you’re not supposed to climb on them, they’re a fun photo opportunity, along with the wooden pumpkin and scarecrow photo face cut outs.

Charlie and his new friend “Charlotte.”
Farm Animals

As you walk around the pumpkin patch, you’ll make your way to the back where little ones can go on a pony ride or meet some friendly animals in “Becky’s Animal Barn.” Charlie loved seeing the goats, but didn’t mind watching the ponies. Though he wasn’t eager to ride them…thank goodness.

Corn Maze

Charlie and I opted to not go into the corn maze as it’s supposed to take roughly 45 minutes to complete. I wasn’t up for getting lost in the maze as Charlie potentially cries wanting to exit. But I think when he’s a little older we’d make our way through.

Food Trucks

We were at the pumpkin patch for just under two hours. There was so much to do! Spooner Farms has several food trucks lined up with lots of space to sit down and eat with the family. They offered coffee, turkey legs, kettle corn and more. We both enjoyed a mini bag of kettle corn because we had just eaten breakfast, but other families were enjoying corn dogs and corn on the cob.

What to Bring

For this trip, I did opt to bring our UppaBaby stroller and I am really glad that I did. While it was a bit of a bumpy ride…everything is dirt and or gravel…I appreciated having a place to keep all of our supplies without having to schlep them around. It was pretty cold when we first arrived at around 9:30 in the morning. But by the time we left, it was in the mid to upper 50s. With all the running around, we were stripping out of our jackets to cool off, in no time.

Other than the stroller, here’s what else you may want to consider:

  1. Ergo Baby for the little ones.
  2. Rain boots (I forgot these and was a bit annoyed with myself.)
  3. Warm jacket
  4. Snacks (Related: 7 Go-to Toddler Snacks)
  5. Change of clothes
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Cash for extras
  8. Old plastic grocery bags or garbage bags for pumpkins or wet clothes/boots.
Entrance to Becky’s Barn

Final Thoughts

With the exception of a really loud air horn, we loved this place and I can see it becoming a family tradition. Well, if it’s not raining too hard next year. I also liked that it was not over crowded. There were definitely people there, but you had space to move and walk around. I’ve been to other pumpkin patches where it felt like you were shoulder to shoulder and fighting over pumpkins. Spooner Farms was great, with lots of activities for all ages. It’s a South Seattle area must!




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