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Toddler Sleepovers

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Changing It Up

For this post, I am switching things up a bit. Instead of going on a fun, fabulous family vacation, my spouse and I had signed up for a workshop that would take up our entire weekend. While the workshop was in the greater metro area, the actual location was about 45 minutes north of our home. Being gone from 8-5 Saturday and Sunday would require us to have a babysitter…expensive…as we have no family in town. Luckily we have some really wonderful friends that offered to watch our son the entire weekend. This would be Charlie’s first toddler sleepover!

This would be the first time that BOTH my spouse and I were gone from our son for an overnight stay. Our friends, Erin and Luke, live only 15 minutes from the location of the workshop, but I was still a nervous wreck. Erin and Luke have a sweet little 3-year old boy, who is potty trained and sleeping in a ‘big-boy’ bed. So getting ready for this toddler sleepover, required a little extra preparation.

Excited to get started on his Home Depot project.

Toddler Sleepover Prep

Charlie and his pal were both looking forward to this fun weekend. It seemed like the days leading up to this fun adventure were full of constant questions about the sleepover. Charlie would ask if ‘today’ was the day that he’d get to go to his friend’s house. For a two and a half year old, I feel like he was a little too eager. Aren’t we supposed to get at least 18 years before they don’t look back???

Prepping for the toddler sleepover ended up being much more simple than I had originally thought. Essentially since I wanted to ensure he had a fairly easy transition from our place to his friend’s. To do that, I kept as many creature comforts as possible. Here’s what I packed…


Packing List

We grabbed Charlie’s favorite suitcase and grabbed the following items.

  1. 3 weather appropriate outfits (one per day and one extra)
  2. Shoes and socks, including a pair of his rain boots
  3. One security blanket per day
  4. Day/Night diapers; around 6 per day and 3 nighttime diapers
  5. Wipes and Aquafor Cream
  6. Pack and Play Crib (our friends had one, but you’d need a pace for your kiddo to sleep if they’re not in a big-kid bed yet)
  7. Sleep items, such as a pillow, blankets, stuffie, etc.
  8. Small backpack for favorite toys
  9. Some snacking favorites, i.e. yogurt drops, pouches, fruit snacks, etc.
  10. Noise machine (if applicable)
  11. Monitor (if applicable)

Bonus Ideas

We were really grateful to Erin and Luke, for not only offering up their home, but for all the great activities they had planned to keep two adorable boys entertained the entire weekend. They did not disappoint! I knew I wanted to do something fun for them, so Charlie and I went to a toy store and got a fun present for their son, as a fun way to kick off the weekend. We also purchased a fun personalized gift card for each parent. For Erin, a massage and for Luke a round of golf. Our friends didn’t expect anything, but it was fun to give them a surprise to help them decompress after the toddler sleepover.

Giving him new monkey a bath.

Sleepover Souvenirs

Erin may be one of the best event planners I know. In fact, she used to own her own business in the hospitality and events industry while she was in her 20s. Throughout the weekend she peppered us with tons of adorable pictures of the boys’ weekend. From visiting a pumpkin patch pancake breakfast, to BrickCon, and even Home Depot and a toddler Casper Baby Pants concert featuring a former member of The Presidents of the United States of America Band, these kids were treated to everything! Charlie definitely needed to grab another suitcase to bring home all his spoils, which included a Build a Bear Monkey and much more!

If you’re ever on the receiving end of a toddler sleepover, I highly recommend planning a lot of activities. Erin mentioned that by doing so, the boys were tuckered out by the end of the day and didn’t have any time for squabbles. To my surprise (jealousy?) Erin said the boys would sleep in until 8 a.m. …this NEVER happens at our house.

Getting away for the weekend was much needed and I am now kind of in love with the idea of these toddler sleepovers. Not only did we get an opportunity to connect as a couple, but Charlie is still talking about his time with his pal several days after the weekend.

Feel free to comment below if you have any ideas for your first/next toddler sleepover.

Photo Credit: “Erin”

Enjoying the pancake breakfast at the pumpkin patch



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