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The Wanderlust with Baby Guide to Soothies

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve traveled to, Helsinki, Prague, Germany, Italy, several US states and more. We’ve been traveling with Charlie since he was only 8 weeks old. We’ve had many ups, but definitely our fair share of downs. Traveling with an infant, baby and now toddler certainly hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve found a few things that have made soothing our son a little easier.

DISCLAIMER: By no means, am I saying that these are surefire items to calm your little one, but I’m hoping they give you some inspiration for how to calm your kiddo when you’re out and about, or even at home.


Charlie was 4 months old when he stopped taking a pacifier; however, when he was using them, we absolutely loved the Wabbanubs. These fun, plush, toys allow your little one to grasp onto a stuffed animal and help keep the pacifier in their mouth. It also serves as a great way to find the pacifier when it falls under the seat/couch/etc.

Halo Sleep Sack

I couldn’t swaddle our son for anything. Fold into a triangle, pull securely, move arm, blah blah blah! One of my girlfriends introduced me to the Halo brand sleepsacks. These little beauties are genius. They take all the guess work out and can really wrap your baby tightly into a safe cocoon of warmth. The blankets are safe for back sleep and allow your baby to transition from uterus to the outside world.

Security Blanket

Our son never liked swaddle blankets. As I said above, we relied on sleepsacks, but I was gifted quite a few of the Aiden + Anias blankets. Around 6-months old, we finally figured out that our son loved these blankets, not as a swaddle, but as a soothie. They’re light and easy to pack. We noticed our son was pulling off his socks and sucking on them (gross?!) We saw that he was trying to suck on fabric and finally figured out that was a soothing mechanism. One day as I was about to donate these Aiden + Anias blankets our son got a hold of one and started soothing his sore gums. The rest is history and we now have nine!

Sophie the Giraffe

Before Charlie was even a glimmer in our eyes, I noticed a lot of babies with these rubber giraffes. Finally I asked a mom girlfriend of mine and she said it was Sophie…the giraffe. This little toy was not one of our son’s top go-to toys, but he liked Sophie every once and a while. The soft rubber material is ideal for sucking and soothing sore gums, but it also has a fun squeaky sound (sorry puppies dogs) that is engaging. We’d throw this little giraffe in for a nice change up and it seemed to work (ever once and a while.)

Magic Merlin

I don’t know whether to categorize this as a soothie or more of a sleep aid, but what the heck. This little suit was a great tool to help our son transition from the sleep sacks to sleeping without blankets. The suit is a thick cotton material which limits the range of motion for their little arms and legs that twitch during sleep and therefore can wake baby. Magic Merlin’s aren’t foolproof, but it helped us ensure a little more peaceful sleep.

NOTE: Once baby starts turning over, you may want to think about ditching the suit. It could be hard for them to push up and keep their nose and mouth clear.

Favorite Stuffie

Daniel Tiger has Tigey and Margaret Tiger has Pandey. What little kid doesn’t like to have a stuffed animal? Stuffies are a great cuddle and comfort toy. They’re soft and can distract your kiddo from anything that’s bothering them. Our son has gone through all kinds of stuffed animals and it changes quite frequently as to which is his favorite, but I never leave home without at least one stuffie. When we travel, I typically go for a smaller toy, but if you’re child’s into the state fair sized animals, sorry, you may want to get a second car seat and bring that bugger along.

While this is just a small list of soothing items, there are many other ideas out there. Feel free to comment and let us know what’s your go-to soothing item for your little ones.
Happy Travels!



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