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5 Reasons I Love My Diaper Bag

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Let me start off by saying, I LOVE THIS BAG! Skip Hop’s Forma Backpack Diaper bag has been a life-saver. I started off using Skip Hops’ Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Satchel and while I liked it, it started to get cumbersome while also carrying Charlie and a plethora of other items.

The Top 5 Reasons I Love it

  1. It’s a backpack, need I say more?!
  2. The price is really good. I mean it’s under $100, good. The price is $69.99.
  3. Being a backpack, the bag completely freed up my hands. I usually end up carrying my 30-pound toddler on my hip and with the shoulder bag, I would continue to deal with the straps slipping off my shoulder. But with the backpack, I now just worry about the kiddo dropping his stuff.
  4. This bag has plenty of space and compartments. It even comes with a mesh insert and a cold pack insert, keeping  me organized. Some folks have said that the bag is too small, but I have never had a problem fitting in all the essentials. Actually, I like that the bag limits me on what we can put in it, keeping it light.
  5. On the straps, it comes with snaps to let you clip it to your stroller, which comes in really handy and doesn’t compromise under stroller space.
Lots of compartments


Stroller clips

Where it needs some help

  1. Some of the reviews that I’ve read mentioned that the bag isn’t super durable. I will say that the hand strap did rip fairly soon after getting it. See picture below, but this hasn’t impacted the daily use.
  2. The side bottle pockets don’t have elastic, so items have fallen out (including my phone!) when I’ve bent over to pick something else up.
  3. Probably more of a personal problem, but when putting items (toys, keys, water bottle, etc.) in the easy access side pocket, it always seems like I can’t remember which pocket it was in and I end up having to take the bag off to find what I am looking for.
See the rip on the handle. No Bueno!


Buy It!! I definitely would recommend Skip Hop’s Forma Backpack Diaper bag. The pros certainly outweigh the cons and the simple fact that it makes your life easier, is enough to transition from a bulky shoulder bag/tote. I absolutely love the size of it. It easily fits under the seat in front of you when traveling by air and keeps me in check with over-packing. That said, I’ve been able to put a lot in it, like diapers/wipes, toys, iPad, changing pad, clothes, food, water bottles for both of us, creams, first aid. Well you get the point. While I fell in love with this particular bag, there are so many other backpack diaper bags. Find the one that fits your style!



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