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Stroller Sense: 7 Reasons I Splurged

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Using the MESA car seat on the CRUZ. #shades

Getting a stroller for your kiddo is almost like buying a car. You have to consider space, drivability, turn radius, etc. Early on in my pregnancy, a girlfriend of mine took me to Nordstrom to start looking at strollers. I was only 4 months along at that time, but just getting to take a look at the options and hearing her talk through different use cases was really helpful. As we ‘strolled’ around the store, I could really tell that the one I picked would make a big difference.  It was in this moment that I asked her what stroller she used and she said it was the UPPAbaby Vista. Nordstrom had a floor model so I took it for a spin and fell in love. While the Vista was a great option, it had too many bells and whistles and so I actually ended up getting the UPPAbaby Cruz instead. And here’s why:

Why I Splurged
  1. It has a light aluminium frame, coming in at about 15 pounds (sans seat).
  2. It has an easy one-handed, 180 degree recline, which comes in handy when he falls asleep.
  3. The Cruz is easy to adjust.
  4. It’s easy to maneuver and turn around tight corners.
  5. The under the seat storage basket is HUGE. I use this for grocery shopping all the time.
  6. You can easily clip in the MESA Infant car seat and toggle between the one that comes with it.
  7. Comes with a sun shade as well as a rain cover.
At the Ferrari Museum in Modena, hoping to bring home a souvenir (wink.)
What I Don’t Like
  1. The price! This baby ranges from $499.99 – $549.99It was a gift (awesome!) but I think my parents paid around $529 for it.
  2. The locking mechanism is a little weird. To lock it you push the foot pedal down (not bad), but to unlock, you have to flip the foot pedal up. The later can be somewhat annoying when wearing open toed shes.

This is a MUST have. It’s worth every penny. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve used the under the seat storage basket which shopping or schlepping everyone’s things.

We have, literally, taken the UPPAbaby Cruz everywhere with us; from Finland to Czech Republic and all over the US. Charlie especially loves it on the cobble stones, which have put him to sleep on many occasions. Just be sure when traveling on an airplane to use the UPPAbaby TravelSafe bag that fits your model. We purchased the Vista TravelSafe bag which works great! UPPAbaby is known for their great customer services; however, if your stroller gets damaged during the flight and you didn’t use the TravelSafe bag (it has to be registered to count!), they will not be able to support you like you may expect.

Lastly, if you do get an UPPAbaby stroller, I definitely recommend getting the MESA infant car seat. This thing snaps in so easily, requiring no converter and it looks good too (bonus!) But if you do go ahead and get the MESA, make sure to get an extra base to easily transfer between cars. If you don’t have more than one car, then don’t worry about purchasing the extra base.

In Florence, Italy using the UPPAbaby Cruz with MESA infant car seat.



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